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The layout programs we prefer are Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. We prefer receiving artwork through our Upload Artwork button on our website. However, you can submit files on a CD-ROM, DVD, or via email at support@1800postcards.com. If mailing a disk, label it with your company name and phone number. Disks will not be returned to you unless specifically specified.

If you need a template for a custom design, please call us or email support@1800postcards.com and we will email you the template.


We have two options for proofing:

  1. First is a free color PDF which is not color-accurate. This can be emailed to you.
  2. For digital jobs you can receive a press proof. This proof is made on the same press which will print your job. For traditional jobs we offer a $35 digital color proof which is color-accurate. This can be viewed in person or mailed to you.

We suggest you provide us a printed proof with your order for reference if possible. The turnaround time for a proof is a day or two and thereby delays your card being printed as quickly as possible.

Design Work

All graphic design and typesetting work is performed on the Macintosh platform and is billable at $75. If you provide a Microsoft Word file with only text layed out as you want it for the back of your postcard, we can convert it to a printable format for only $25. Average turnaround can vary by several days depending on the complexity of your design.

Please plan date sensitive materials well in advance. Design will add more time to the processing of your order. Printed turn-around times do not begin until you have approved a final proof.

Scanning and Color Correction

Color photos, slides, or transparencies can be scanned and placed into your design. Images can be color-corrected within reasonable specifications and visual effects added by request as well. Scans are made using a high-resolution flat-bed scanner. Original art will only be returned with your order.

  • Scanning Fee: $30 per scan.
  • Maximum size of originals not to exceed 8.5 x 14
  • Oversized originals, please contact Customer Service.

Design Proofs

Upon completion of any design work, we supply a color proof for your approval. We will contact you to schedule an appointment to view the proof. If you choose to have the proof sent to you, arrangements for delivery can be made at this time. Your order will not be scheduled until a final proof has been signed. A color PDF can be emailed, or a black and white laser proof of your card can be faxed to you to confirm any changes and/or corrections. Your order will not be put into production until you are completely satisfied with the finished design and have signed and returned our Design Approval Form.


If you require professional assistance with your design, please call and make an appointment to discuss and explore your ideas before you place your order. To maximize the value of this consultation, we suggest you bring along any and all artwork, photos, copy, and a clearly written layout.

Quark & InDesign Files

  • Files created in Quark and InDesign must be submitted as native files.
  • Do not save your file as a Quark EPS
  • All color must be created from CMYK, not RGB or Pantone, or Grayscale on the back of the 14-point stock.
  • Make sure document has an 1/8" bleed all around and 1/8" type safety.

Photoshop Files

  • We prefer TIFF files with no compression created in Photoshop.
  • Keep images at 100% and at 300 dpi.
  • RGB is video color and represents the full color spectrum. CMYK is printed color and is not capable of vibrant or neon colors. Convert your RGB files to CMYK before sending them to us. We are not responsible for color shifts between RGB and CMYK.
  • Make sure document has an 1/8" bleed all around.
  • Avoid complicated clipping paths, as this can lead to output problems.

Illustrator & Freehand Files

  • Convert all fonts to "outline" or "artwork" and save as an EPS file-do not leave fonts imbedded in these files.
  • RGB is video color and represents the full color spectrum. CMYK is printed color and is not capable of vibrant or neon colors. Convert your RGB files to CMYK before sending them to us. 1-800 POSTCARDS is not responsible for color shifts between RGB and CMYK.
    • Always include the original files for all placed art, matching the specifications shown here for that file type.
  • Be sure to include bleed/safety in your Illustrator/Freehand files (if applicable).


  • All SCREEN and PRINTER fonts used in your document must be included on your disk with your order.
  • If you bold or italicize fonts in Quark, you should print them out to see if the effect will work. All fonts will appear bold or italic on the screen, but a print-out will show whether they will eventually print that way or not. If the effect doesn't work, you should use the style-specific version of the font you want (example: Helvetica Bold Oblique).
  • To create font shadows duplicate dark text (in front) and a place a lighter shade of the same text behind it.
  • If the fonts you're using do not offer the styles you desire, choose another font.
  • Do not put all fonts in one suitcase.

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