4 Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Postcards are the most economical form of direct mail today. They are simple to create and have a high response rate, mostly because the message is easy to absorb. Even if the recipient decides they are not interested in the offer, they still read the message. This warms them up to your brand and makes them more willing to work with you in the future. 

Knowing how easy it is to grasp your message, it’s important to realize that mistakes are easily noticed as well. It’s important to avoid common mistakes to protect your business’ reputation and ensure you keep a trustworthy image. Below are four common postcard mistakes to avoid at all costs. 

Mistake #1. Not targeting the right people. 

To launch an effective direct mail postcard printing campaign, you must have a solid mailing list. You can then segment your list to ensure your postcards are being sent to the right customers. 

Building a strong direct mail list takes time, but it’s worth it. As you acquire more names and addresses, you can expand your reach by sending out highly targeted news and offers. Below are a few ways to get started with a list of your own. 

  • Examine the contact information you already have 
  • Create high-quality content that can be downloaded in exchange for an address 
  • Collect physical addresses at networking events 
  • Hold a drawing to people who drop their address in a bowl at your work 
  • Regularly update your mailing list 

Mistake #2. Not including a compelling offer.

Sometimes, businesses use postcards as a sales pitch. We suggest not doing this for a couple of reasons. First, there isn’t enough room on a postcard to effectively share your sales pitch. This real estate should be used for more important messages. 

Second, postcards should grab the recipient’s attention and get them to complete an action, such as visiting your store’s grand opening or using a coupon. Be sure to include an offer that is time-sensitive and enticing. Also, include your physical location and website URL so people can easily find you. 

Mistake #3. Not using automated software. 

These days, automated software makes it easy to streamline the printing and delivery process. This makes running direct mail campaigns fast and easy – perfect for limited time offers and real-time campaigns. 

When selecting a postcard printing service, make sure they are willing to work with your existing mailing list. Those that will generally automate the printing and delivery process, ensuring fast, optimized campaigns. 

Mistake #4. Not mailing at the right times. 

Be sure to follow good mailing practices when sending out your postcards. For example, it’s best to pay slightly more for a first-class stamp, as this produces more replies and qualifies for other perks, such as “return to sender.” This way, you can update your mailing list as needed. 

Also, pay attention to when you’re sending out your postcards. Mondays, Fridays and holidays show less engagement than Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mail is lighter on these days, so it’s easier for your postcard to stand out. 

Looking to start a postcard campaign for an upcoming event or sale? Contact 1800 Postcards to learn more about our easy, affordable custom postcard design services. It’s time to get your business noticed! 

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Business Card

Imagine yourself at a networking event or business meeting. You could give someone your website URL or Twitter handle, or you could give them a stylish and classy business card. What would leave a positive first impression? Our bet: a well-designed business card done by a professional business card printing company.

Whether you own your business or work for a corporation, having professional business cards shows that you are prepared and eager for your next opportunity. To ensure your business card stands out, here are some essential tips to follow. 

Choose your business card shape 

To much surprise, there are more options beyond the traditional rectangle shape. Rectangular business cards remain popular and familiar, so they are still a top seller. But, there are some other options you may want to consider as well. 

Thanks to die-cutting, you can achieve any shape business card you want. Some people opt for rounded corners while others experiment with distinct shapes, such as outlines of the products they sell. Custom business card printing online allows you to print these cards in bulk for added savings. 

Select the size of your card

Business cards tend to be the same sizes so they remain easy to collect and store. In North America, the standard is 3.5 x 2 inches. Keep in mind that this is the finished card size. Because cutting varies, you want to keep all of your valuable information within the “design safe zone” (3.25 x 1.75 inches). 

Add your logo and graphics 

With the shape and size in order, you can start adding the visual elements. Your logo should be the focal point of the card, but there should be some room for other visuals. Remember, you have two sides to work with. For example, you may want to place your logo on one side and your contact information on the other. 

Insert your text 

Your business card is an excellent communication tool, but you don’t want to overstuff it with information. This could be confusing or distracting to your audience. Pick a few elements to add to your card: 

  • Name
  • Company name 
  • Job title 
  • Address 
  • Phone number 
  • Email 
  • Website URL 
  • Social media 
  • Slogan 

Pick your typography

When you know what you want to say, it’s time to decide how it looks. Here are the elements to pay attention to: 

  • Size. Choose a font of at least 8 pts so that your information is clear and legible. 
  • Font. Stick to clean, simple fonts like a sans serif or script font. 
  • Color. Align font colors with your brand colors while also making sure they complement the background color.

Consider a finishing touch 

Finally, consider adding a finishing touch such as embossing, letterpress or foil stamping. These special effects can take your business card to a new level and create lasting impressions between your brand and your audience. 

By working with a professional printing company, you can create the perfect card that represents you and your brand. 1800 Postcards prints custom high-quality postcards in various sizes, papers, and colors. Contact us today to discuss your options for affordable business card printing. 

How to Promote Your Business with Postcards

Looking for creative ways to promote your business while getting the most bang for your buck? Rather than focusing all of your attention on digital marketing, take a step back and consider traditional marketing tactics that deliver high ROI. 

Postcards are fantastic marketing tools that are sent directly to your recipients’ mailboxes. The best part is, there is no barrier between the postcard and your prospect. Add something of value in there, such as a discount code or scratch off, and your receiver will be hooked! 

Before you use custom postcard printing services, you must have a strategy in place. Let’s share the ways that you can promote your business using tangible, personalized postcards. 

Target the Right People 

To get the best results, you need your postcards to reach the right people. You should have your target market clearly defined, but if not, look to your website and social media channels. What does your target customer look like? Using this information, you can customize the postcard to appeal to this demographic. 

Pick an Attractive Design 

The nice thing about postcards is that the recipient sees the message right away. Still, you need a design that is visually appealing, otherwise your postcard might go in the trash! A compelling design at least motivates people to read your message. To create an eye-catching design, you need bright colors, an intriguing logo and a stunning photo. 

Here are a few ways to make your postcard charming: 

  • Use both sides of the postcard 
  • Turn your postcard into a coupon 
  • Choose a unique shape for your postcard 
  • Make your postcard interactive (e.g., “ticket” to an event) 

Choose What You Want to Say 

Your postcard needs a powerful headline that grabs your prospects’ attention. There isn’t a lot of room on a postcard, so make your messaging clear, concise and easy to understand. This might be the first interaction with your company for some, so you want to make the experience positive. Also, choose only one call to action (print it on both sides) so that your prospects know what to do next. 

Connect the Postcard with Online Marketing 

A postcard doesn’t have to be separate from your other online marketing channels. In fact, it should support your digital channels! You can include a QR code on your postcard or ask people to follow you on social media. By doing this, you get more value from your postcards and boost your digital presence. 

Pick a Professional Printing Company 

The last step is to pick the best online postcard printing. Sure, you could print the postcards yourself, but is this really the impression you want to give customers? A professional print company will make sure that your postcards are printed on high quality paper, with vibrant ink and professionally printed images. 

1-800 Postcards offers postcard printing in NYC using the best digital and offset equipment on the market. We can also mail your postcards using our direct mail or EDDM services. Contact us today to learn more about our postcard marketing solutions.