Printing postcards for your business can save you money while growing your profits.

Can Printing Postcards Really Grow Your Business?

Yes, printing postcards can and here’s how… Postcards sent to customers on a timely and consistent basis is a great way to communicate with your customers. Set up a schedule of direct mailings to a specified list, or have our EDDM specialist define a geographic area for you. Keep it timely and your customers are[…]

Business card printing can be a difficult process. Be sure to check out this FAQ to avoid reprinting your project.

Business Card Printing: The FAQ You NEED to Read

Business Card Printing FAQ Business card printing for your company is the best way to share contact information, as well as advertise your product or service. Use them as a point of contact, mini flyer, event ticket or appointment card. The uses for business cards are limitless, and can be creatively used in just about[…]

Bookmarks are one of the best ways to market your business on a consistent basis.

Bookmarks: 3 Tips to Capture Sales

Land Your Next Lead with Bookmarks Bookmarks are an untapped marketing gem. Bookmarks remain in front of potential clients on a regular basis while giving a subtle reminder of your business. Below are three points to keep in mind before you send to print. Bookmark Content – Think clear, concise and to the point. Give[…]

Sticker Printing

Sticker Printing: 3 Uses That Stick

It’s easy to create buzz with stickers! Use rolled or crack-and-peel sticker printing to get eyeballs to your brand, product or service. These tiny marketing jewels can be used for just about any purpose, but we’ve listed the three most common uses, along with some tips to get the highest ROI! Event Stickers – Build[…]


3 Things EVERY Postcard Needs

Postcards are a marketing gem to just about every business. Most often used for announcements, postcards are also great for gift certificates, save the dates, coupons and surveys. Below are a few tips to keep in mind for when your make your postcard design your masterpiece. Immediacy – Postcards are one of the few marketing[…]

direct mail marketing

Direct Mail Marketing: 5 Best Practices

Did you know? 73% of consumers actually prefer traditional mail over other advertising methods. It one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers in a way that email cannot. Try these five tips for direct mail marketing below and get free overnight turnaround. 1. Current – Make sure your recipient list is[…]

quality business card printing

Business Card Swap: 3 Tips to Success

The business card, (we like to think of them as “mini billboards”) is the introduction and farewell to all interactions. They leave a lasting impression for prospective clients and future partners. To make sure you get the from your business cards, keep these simple tips in mind: 1. Personally connect with your contact. The key[…]

Affordable small business marketing

Small Business Marketing Tips UNDER 100 Dollars

Looking for a new way to build buzz around your small business marketing, but low on resources? Below are three tactics that will deliver the highest results – all under $100. Personalized Postcards With our 20% off postcards sale, you can get 500 postcards for $63! Postcards are both affordable and effective. To maximize their[…]