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Brochure Folds: Which One Is Best For You?

Brochure Folds 101 The number of ways to fold a brochure are infinite – limited only by your creativity. Most times you simply need the five basic folds to accomplish your marketing goals. These brochure folds are the basics in printing, and can help you describe your business in the best way possible. Each panel to a[…]

The printed brochure can come in a multitude of styles, folds and weights. Take a look at our tips to expand your marketing efforts, without losing your brand's vision.

4 Printed Brochure Tips You MUST Know

The Printed Brochure: What You Need To Know There are a wide variety of brochure design options. When deciding what you want to include in your brochure, remember these four components: Brochure Layout – It must be easy-to-read and visually stimulating. Engage the reader on a broad level that can attract the most readers. Then[…]

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5 Points to the Perfect Brochure

Brochure Marketing: Top 5 Points Many times marketers are charged with the task of creating multi-faceted campaigns. However, without the proper planning and execution these brochures can be the downfall to any marketing initiative. That’s why it is important to know what to do before you go to the printer. Below are our five points[…]

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Brochure Marketing: 3 BIGGEST Mistakes

Read our FRESH ideas for brochure marketing? Now see our three BIGGEST brochure marketing mistakes we’ve noticed, and how to avoid them. Mistake #1 – Leave Behind Brochures: To save time and money owners will get one person to blanket an entire region. They will usually do this by leaving stacks of brochures in offices,[…]