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16 Business Card Designs That WOW

Business Card Designs These business card designs are sure to spark some creative inspiration! These designs will please just about any recipient, and are what you need to stand out in any pile of cards. Have a look, and scroll down to the bottom for a special coupon code to get a jumpstart on your next design! Want some[…]

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26 UNBELIEVABLE Custom Brochure Designs

Custom Brochure Designs Trying to stand out with your marketing? Try custom brochure designs to make sure you’re ahead of the competition. These 26 designs have surpassed the standard 8.5×11 tri-fold, and have entered into a creative realm that makes them stand out. They will undoubtedly generate more sales (to be sure, see our past post on[…]

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Postcard Designs: 5 Points To Being Different

Postcard Designs Postcards are the most popular print marketing tool. Utilized be Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, postcards are desired for their convenience and ready-to-read format. Follow the below tips to get more from your postcard marketing and optimize your designs.   Since your recipient doesn’t have to open an envelope, it’s best to hit the reader with[…]

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Brochure Folds: Which One Is Best For You?

Brochure Folds 101 The number of ways to fold a brochure are infinite – limited only by your creativity. Most times you simply need the five basic folds to accomplish your marketing goals. These brochure folds are the basics in printing, and can help you describe your business in the best way possible. Each panel to a[…]

Print marketing is important to just about every business. Follow these five tips to get the most from your print marketing collateral.

Print Marketing: Top 5 Copy Tips To Drive Sales

Print Marketing Marketing copy is as important as your business plan. Your print marketing copy explains what your business is about, and also becomes the voice of your brand. That’s why it is imperative your voice be consistent across all media – from online too print, your tone should remain the same. Check out the five copy[…]

Custom die-cut business cards can help you stand out from the rest. Everyone has a stack of cards, why not have yours be the center off attention?

Custom Business Cards 101: The Essentials

Custom Business Cards A special post by Alexis, one of our rock star interns at 1800 Postcards… Custom business cards are proven to be absolute show-stoppers! They’re unique and can instantly tell your customer what you sell. Not only do customized cards promote your business, but they also look and feel way better than a[…]

The printed brochure can come in a multitude of styles, folds and weights. Take a look at our tips to expand your marketing efforts, without losing your brand's vision.

4 Printed Brochure Tips You MUST Know

The Printed Brochure: What You Need To Know There are a wide variety of brochure design options. When deciding what you want to include in your brochure, remember these four components: Brochure Layout – It must be easy-to-read and visually stimulating. Engage the reader on a broad level that can attract the most readers. Then[…]

Your small business marketing should be in tip-top shape for 2016. Check out these marketing tips for some great ideas on staying up-to-date. (Also, who doesn't love the generic small business man? He's everywhere!)

Forget Checklist, The 2016 Small Business MUSTlist

Small Business Musts for 2016 Your small business marketing should be in tip-top shape for 2016. Check out these marketing tips for some great ideas on staying up-to-date. Happy New Year! Do you have your 2016 small business marketing initiatives inline? Or know the new tactics that we might see in 2016? Take a look[…]

Every Door Direct Mail is the perfect way to blanket a specific region at a fraction of the cost.

Every Door Direct Mail: How To Get Cheaper Rates

Every Door Direct Mail & Share Mailer Mail Your Postcard for 7 cents! What is it? Our Share Mailer Program utilizes the EDDM postal program to get your postcard to every chosen door for a total of seven cents (printing, mailing and processing included). What is the EDDM system? Every Door Direct Mail service is[…]