Postcard Designs: 5 Points To Being Different

Postcard Designs

Postcards are the most popular print marketing tool. Utilized be Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, postcards are desired for their convenience and ready-to-read format. Follow the below tips to get more from your postcard marketing and optimize your designs.


Postcard designs unique custom die cut printingSince your recipient doesn’t have to open an envelope, it’s best to hit the reader with your three main points from the beginning. Keep that in mind and try these five tips to get the most from your postcard designs:

Die-cut Postcard: Perhaps the easiest way to stand out is having a custom die-cut postcard. This is the best way to communicate your message while standing out from the competition. Think over-sized when choosing a design. Some great sizes would be 6″x9″ or 6″x11.” Some creative uses for die-cut postcards include:

Anniversary – The shape could be in the form of a number.
Product Launch – Shape of the product, logo, date of launch, etc.
Event – A shape that embodies the overall theme of the event.

Postcard Front: Think of the postcard as a magazine cover – the less text the better. Start with a large overarching image that communicates your message then think of the second attraction which could be a discount, quote, or fun fact to draw them in to your business.

Postcard Back: Clearly explain the services you offer. Stick to short sentences that can be read on-the-go. The simpler the copy, the better.

Postcard Perforation: Perforations get attention. People are instantly attracted to perforated collateral because it infers a discount.

Tip: Include a tracking code on each tab to properly track your success.

Postcard Audience: Segment your audience and create different postcard designs targeted to each group. Think about the audience that will receive your postcard. What design will be most influential in persuading your prospect to your company? Test different designs to see which wins.

Always be unique, and you’re sure to get eyeballs on your postcard. Plan, design and print your way to a custom postcard that sells your company. Use coupon code 10OFFNOW to receive $10 off your order!

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