Brochure Folds: Which One Is Best For You?

Brochure Folds 101

The number of ways to fold a brochure are infinite – limited only by your creativity. Most times you simply need the five basic folds to accomplish your marketing goals. These brochure folds are the basics in printing, and can help you describe your business in the best way possible. Each panel to a brochure has its own unique selling point that can help promote your business. So before thinking of your design, consider what you want your brochure to say. Are there two, three or four main points that you want to communicate? This can dictate what your brochure should say.

Letter Brochure Fold

brochure folds letter type

The letter form is perhaps the most ordered brochure type we offer. This allows the reader to open it up like they would a letter, and provides the most room for a detailed overview of your company.

Gate Brochure Fold

brochure folds gate type

Most attractive of the brochure types, the two folds that share center and allow the reader to open it like they would a gate. To design with these folds, try putting two overarching ideas on the outside that are followed by a large body of information which supports the two outside ideas.

Half Brochure Fold

brochure folds half type

The cleanest and simplest design, this type has a simple fold down the center. This layout provides ample room to describe your business, and is best used for general brand awareness.

Accordion Brochure Fold

brochure folds accordian type

This style provides the easiest way to draw attention. It consists of four evenly placed folds so that you can easily explain your business. This brochure is perfect for explaining four separate ideas, or applications your business can be used for.

Z-Fold Brochure Fold

brochure folds Z type

The Z is a smaller version of the accordion. Two evenly spaced folds down the vertical. Most companies have three main selling points, this brochure provides the perfect space for each.


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