Basic Flyer Distribution Tactics MAXIMIZED

Maximizing Your Flyer Distribution

Get the most from your flyer marketing by maximizing your distribution techniques.

Get the most from your flyer marketing by maximizing the most basic distribution tactics.

Read the three musts to printing your flyer? Now you’re ready to distribute! Your flyer distribution strategy is one of the most important components to a successful marketing campaign. Below are the top three ways to maximize your flyer efforts to ensure you get the best results!

Face-to-face Maximization – Face-to-face interactions form a relationship, put a face to your brand and allow you to explain your business. To get the most, think of where your target demographic spends their time, the busiest hours of that location and what interests him or her in starting a conversation.

Mailed Maximization– Mailing your materials is a great way to connect with prospects at their home. To get the most, try to target your recipient list as narrowly as possible. You can create a recipient list, or use our new Every Door Direct Mail feature which targets everyone within a certain route of specific zip codes – perfect for local businesses!

Leave-Behind┬áMaximization – Leave-behinds are probably one of the least effective tactics. However, sometimes leave-behinds are necessary – such as the case when marketing to doctor’s offices, churches and grocery stores. To get the most simply be sure that your design stands out. All colors should be loud and bold and draw immediate attention. Also, try and get a stand for your flyers, every little bit helps!

Try out these tips, and get started on your campaign today! Use coupon code 10OFFNOW to get $10 off your order!

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