Business Card Printing: The FAQ You NEED to Read

Business Card Printing FAQ

Business card printing can be a difficult process. Be sure to check out this FAQ to avoid reprinting your project.

Business card printing can be a tricky process. Be sure to check out this FAQ to avoid reprinting your job.

Business card printing for your company is the best way to share contact information, as well as advertise your product or service. Use them as a point of contact, mini flyer, event ticket or appointment card. The uses for business cards are limitless, and can be creatively used in just about any marketing plan.

The below questions answer one of our most popular products – business cards.

1. What card stock should I use?
Our business cards are printed on 14 point card stock. We find this to be the best option for providing heft and durability. While many printers use 12 point, we believe that heavier business cards are generally the preferred option, and more resistant to handling. If you would like to feel the difference, please order a sample kit and see all of the paper types we offer.

2. Can I create a custom size for the business card?
Yes, and we actually recommend this. We’ve seen a wide variety of business card shapes and sizes. Just remember, no matter what the size, add 1/8″ bleed to all sides to allow for proper cutting. This will ensure that the bleed on your piece is properly aligned with what you see on the screen.

3. Can I choose custom paper?
We offer many different styles of paper to meet your individual needs. If we don’t have it on hand give us a call, and we’ll order it using one of our preferred wholesalers to deliver a low price.

Still have a question? Feel free to call or email us. Our skilled graphic designers are here to help with artwork questions, and our friendly customer service staff can help place your order. Start your business card printing today and receive a special discount!

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