Brochure Design: 3 Quick Fixes

brochure design

The brochure design can help make or break your marketing initiatives.

Thinking about your next brochure design? The color scheme you choose sets the tone for the rest of the brochure. Below are a few tips to get started:

Brochure Themes – Will the brochure be pushed out during a specific time of year? Consider a color scheme that is in line with that season. For example, summer and spring brochures would have lighter colors, and fall/winter would include saturated colors.

Use light and dark contrasting colors – Using light and dark colors allows the prospect to easily read the brochure. Text that matches, or is too light, can become difficult to read – even though it may appear easy to read on your computer screen.

Sectioning off colors – Consider the content that you want to include on your brochure, then try and think of ways to section off the messaging through colors. By using colors wisely, you are able to separate your ideas into a flow of thoughts.


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