3 Things EVERY Postcard Needs


Try these three postcard tips to ensure you get the most from your marketing efforts.

Postcards are a marketing gem to just about every business. Most often used for announcements, postcards are also great for gift certificates, save the dates, coupons and surveys. Below are a few tips to keep in mind for when your make your postcard design your masterpiece.

Immediacy – Postcards are one of the few marketing tools which are “ready to read.” So try and get your recipient’s attention right away. Start off with eye-catching imagery, odd statistics, weird news, quote, etc.

Size – Bigger postcards, such as 6”x9” or 6”x11” have a greater probability of getting noticed. Die-cut postcards even higher. Just be aware that postcards over 4.25” x 6” might carry an additional postage charge.

Who What When Where and Why – Be sure to answer these questions, because without them your postcard simply isn’t communicating your full message. Don’t forget to include: hours, website and phone number.

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