Business Card Printing: 5 Ways to Success

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Business card printing is important, (we think of them as “mini billboards”) as they are the hello and goodbye to all introductions. Business cards are the first impression to clients, and the lasting thought of just about any business interaction. Below are our top five tips to help get the most from your efforts.

1. Connection The key to attracting eyeballs to your business card is to connect with the receiver. The more enticing the conversation, the better. So try and think about what your reader is thinking, and incorporate those thoughts into how the recipient will view your card.

2. Accessibility Small talk can happen at anytime, any place. Leave some emergency business cards printing in your wallet, purse, glove compartment, etc. These business cards will come in handy wherever you are.

3. International Going abroad to a trade show? Be sure to translate your business card on the opposite side! Having translation on both sides helps in not only crossing the cultural boundaries, but also helps in communicating easier.

4. Die-Cut Thinking of an odd shape or maybe some round corners? Die-cut is a definite way to stand out among the competition. It will help in getting eyeballs to your brand, and will also be a perfect conversation starter.

5. Contact Info Loud, bold and bright! Have your contact info be the center of attention. That way people will be sure to connect with your brand when needed.

Have some ideas for your business card printing? There are TONS of strategies – let us hear from you! Both what has, and has not worked. Start designing your next batch of Business Cards here

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