Flyer Marketing: 3 Ways To Track Your Success

Flyer Marketing

Below are three tips to ensure you’re getting the most from flyer marketing. From coupon codes to custom landing pages, use one or any combination of these to successfully track your campaign efforts. Use the resulting tracking data to gain valuable insight on your customers and overall marketing effectiveness.

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Flyer marketing is one of the easiest ways to spread information about your business. It one of the few tactics that can be done effectively with minimal planning.

However, it is important to properly gauge your campaign to see if flyer marketing is a worthwhile strategy for your business. Below are our top tips to ensure your flyer marketing success.

Custom Landing Pages – This is perhaps the most effective way to properly engage your recipient while tracking your success. It is common knowledge that custom landing pages always have a lower bounce rate with more engagement. With custom pages, you can also look at the traffic and accurately assess where the user is logging in from, when they are and other general insight that you can use to optimize future campaigns.

Coupon Codes – Include coupon codes that vary based on location and/or time. This will help you track when and where your campaign was most successful. Some examples would be 30NYC211 this could stand for: 30% off, in NYC, handed out on February 11. All extremely valuable data for your next campaign.

Redemption Coupons – Have the flyer be the actual coupon. When the recipient comes in to retrieve their discount, they will have to return the flyer. This data will show which customers look at your mail, the areas that are most receptive and where you should focus your future efforts.

These top three tips are perfect for just about any offline marketing campaign, but we happen to see most success with flyers.

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