Cheap Printing: 8 Tips For Saving On Your Project

Cheap Printing: How To Save

Get high quality, cheap printing done efficiently. With a little time, planning and careful proofing, your next trip to the printer could save you tons on your marketing campaign. Take a look at our top eight tips to see.

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Printing is the popular go-to marketing tool for all businesses. However, we understand small and medium sized businesses run on a very limited budget. That is why cheap printing is one of the most cost-effective and scaleable tools to fit most initiatives. Check out these top eight tips to save money while not sacrificing quality at your printer. Scroll to the bottom for a special coupon code too – expiring March 18!

1. Ask Your Printer – To get the cheapest service, start with your print professional. Many times, printers offer promotions or coupon codes that can be applied to your order. You’d be surprised how often we get calls asking, so feel free to call ahead.

2. Amount of Pieces – Although you might think less the better – the truth is the more you print, the cheaper the price. This holds true especially for orders of 5,000+ pieces. That is when we send most orders to offset printing, which can reduce the cost per piece immensely. So play around with quantity to figure out the best price for you.

3. Paper Options – The paper you choose is extremely important. If this is for a one day event to gain brand awareness then choose a thinner paper. However, if this is for long-term marketing collateral, then go with a heavier paper stock. This will ensure your piece holds up over the course of your entire campaign.

4. Size – Smaller sizes using standard shapes is the best way to go, for example our cheapest brochure is 8.5″ x 5.5.” These sizes are the best way to go when in a pinch.

5. Full Color – Try to aim for designs that have a blank back. We call this 4 over 0. The difference between this and a full color front and back can be significant (by as much as $300 in some cases).

6. Finishing – Keep the finishing to a minimum, if any.

7. TurnaroundTime – Plan your campaigns in enough time so you can order using the longest turnaround time. Depending on the order, you can save up to 50% between 1 and 5 day turnaround.

8. Shipping – Shipping and turnaround are two different timeframes. For us, turnaround time begins at the point of artwork approval. Once complete, the artwork is then shipped. Choose the longest shipping option and save on rush delivery fees.

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