Brochure Marketing: 3 FRESH Design Ideas

3 Fresh Ideas To Get You Started On Your Next Brochure Marketing

Brochures are perfect for just about any business. However, there are a few creative uses which fly under the radar. Below are our top three for brochure marketing!

brochure marketing ideas

Brochure marketing is the perfect way to get the most from your campaign. However, there are a few very uncommon uses for brochures which are extremely effective in generating new leads. Below are our top three tips for brochure marketing which you might have not thought about before. Take a look and see how you can incorporate them into your next sale.

Maps & Guides – Ideal for college campuses, local events, visitor information, trade shows, bus routes and museums. Maps & guides are necessary for just about any project or event.

Mini Catalogs – Save money on full size catalogs. These mini versions are great for companies that would like to highlight certain product lines, clothing lines, food and beverage companies and brick and mortar stores.

Service Menus – Service menus are great for detailing prices. Most commonly used by spas, hair salons, cleaning services, landscaping companies, graphic designers and car services.

These are just the beginning of some out of the ordinary brochure marketing tips! Leave a comment below with some ideas you have!

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