3 Marketing Tips To Show Your Gratitude

Marketing Quick Tips

Try these three marketing quick tips to show how much you care!

Try these three marketing quick tips to show how much you care!

Marketing to your customers on a personal level is the easiest way to show your appreciation. These tips can be dropped into just about any marketing plan, and can be scaled to fit just about any budget. Check out our top three below to show you care!

Thank You Notes – The best way to do this is by sending your customers a thank you postcard. Express your appreciation and connect on a personal level. Consider including a discount too! With direct mail services you can even have them printed, stamped and mailed without making a trip to the post office.

After-hours Events – Events for brick and mortar stores provide a great way to meet with your customers. This is the perfect time to engage, and a reason to follow-up after the event. Help spread word about your event with flyers and direct mailings.

Branded Office Supplies – The best way to build your brand on a professional level is to have your logo on all stationary: envelopes, folders, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. These items get passed around daily, and always come in handy. Send them along with your customers’ orders, have them handed out in your office or even drop them off at public places such as libraries, coffee shops, remote work centers, etc.

The more creative, the more likely you are to stand out against your competition. So think of interesting phrases, fun facts and famous quotes to add some flare to your business. That way customers will keep your brand top of mind! Try these tips today and receive $10 off. Simply enter coupon code 10OFFNOW at check out and enjoy the benefits

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