3 Small Business Marketing Regrets

Small Business Marketing Regrets

Marketing your small business¬†is one of the most difficult tasks to complete¬†when you’re just starting out. Take a look at these top three regrets to avoid repeating their mistakes.

Small business marketing is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish when you're just starting out. Take a look at these top regrets to avoid repeating their mistakes.

Now that you can effectively market with stickers, direct mail and even bookmarks; it might be best to take a look at some of the biggest regrets some now-successful owners had in the past. Small business marketing executives are frequently charged with the task of meeting overwhelming goals with a limited budget, hence leading to some serious complications. Below are the top three overlooked regrets that both marketers and small business owners often make in trying to grow their audience.

Connectedness – Many times small businesses seek to sell, sell, sell without building a rapport. It alienates your prospect, while disconnecting your brand. Instead, try to research your key demographics – see the their cultural tendencies, the interests they have and the professions they are in. Then tailor all of your marketing materials to each demographic.

Brand Confusion – Many times printed materials will not align with other branding initiatives. This can prove fatal in building brand awareness. Base your printed collateral off of your other promotional materials. This will help in not only unifying the brand, but also in building brand trust. Try taking themes and art assets that you use on the website and weave them into your brochure, postcard and flyer.

Unclear Need – Many times there is unclear copy explaining what problem your business solves. The recipient should be able to look at the marketing collateral, relate to it, and then see the need for investing in your product/service. If they don’t see a need first, they will lose interest fast. So try to be as clear and concise as possible to ensure that your business is positioned as the ultimate solution to their problem.

Avoid these three common mistakes and make the most of your marketing efforts. Use coupon code 10NOW for $10 off your order.

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