Postcard Printing: 5 Tips to Getting the Most

Postcard printing

Postcard printing – 5 Ways to Get the Most from your marketing efforts

Postcard printing is popular because of its low-cost and quick turnaround. However, it’s important to make a postcard that creates interest and calls the recipient to action.

Below are our top tips for creating the most interactive postcard possible.

1. Personalized Message – Include proper To and From headers, addressed to the recipient.

2. Back Art – Most recipients will look at the back first. Consider putting a highlight on important details such as discounts, location or phone number.

3. Emphasis – Try to avoid overly saturated background designs or colors, and aim for simple light contrasts contrasts and desaturated colors.

4. Colorful Imagery – Try bright and simple colors and patterns with proper symmetrical balances.

5. Size – Bigger postcards are noticed first. Just be aware that postcards over 4.25” x 6” might carry an additional postage charge.

Keep these in mind, and let us know what you think. Have any postcard printing tips that have worked for you?

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