Postcard Marketing: The Most Useful FAQ Ever Made

Postcard Marketing FAQ

Be sure to read this FAQ before printing your postcard marketing campaign!

Be sure to read this FAQ before printing your postcard marketing campaign!

Postcard marketing is the hidden gem to just about every business. Most often used for announcements – postcards can also be gift certificates, save the dates, coupons and surveys.

Below is a list of our most frequently asked postcard marketing questions!

1. What does 4 over 4, 4 over 1, 4 over 0 mean? These are simply the spectrum of colors on each side of a postcard. For example, our most popular color layout – 4 over 1 – means multiple colors on the front, black on the back. Four over 0 means multiple colors on the front, with a blank back; and 4 over 4 means multiple colors on each side of the postcard.

2. What is bleed and trim? The bleed line is 1/8″ extra space added to the edges of your design. Trim lines are the finished size of the document – where the document is cut. Due to the mechanics of printing, the actual cut can take place anywhere between the bleed and trim lines. To ensure an exact cut, without white edges, extend all borders and artwork by an 1/8″ on all sides.

*For example, a 4.25×6 postcard would require the document size to be 4.5×6.25.

3. What kind of card stocks are available? There are a multitude of options when it comes to paper and finishes, check our calculator for more information. However, we suggest the 14 Pt. C2S. We find that this provides enhanced detail and expanded color contrast, while also allowing thick durability for long lasting postcards.

Get started on your postcard marketing today! Have a question? Feel free to click on our Live Chat to speak with a specialist today – we can help you conceptualize, design and print all online!


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