5 Secrets to Stellar Brochure Copy

Selling with Brochure Copy

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Brochure copy can make or break your marketing efforts! Follow these 5 tips for stellar brochure copy.

To sell your product, your brochure copy should engage, connect and motivate. Being persuasive can be hard to do though. Below are five secrets to creating the best possible sales copy.

KISS – Keep it simple, sally 😉 Make it brief, succinct and use as few words as possible.

Involve – Ask questions! Build interest with a thought-provoking question.

Active Voice – Skip the passive voice and stick to a concise action focused sentence structure. That means that the subject should perform the action, rather than receive it.

Casual – Casualness always works best in building relationships. So why not in your marketing copy?

Call To Action – Perhaps the most important, have a concise and succinct call to action with a deadline to get the best results.

Don’t forget these secrets on your next brochure now!

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