Sticker Printing: 3 Uses That Stick

Sticker Printing

Three creative uses for sticker printing!

It’s easy to create buzz with stickers! Use rolled or crack-and-peel sticker printing to get eyeballs to your brand, product or service. These tiny marketing jewels can be used for just about any purpose, but we’ve listed the three most common uses, along with some tips to get the highest ROI!

Event Stickers – Build buzz around your next event. The perfect solution for concerts, product launches and trade shows. Stickers are a great way to build buzz, inform people of the event details and secure attendance at an affordable price.

Product Stickers – Display your product professionally. Ideal for any non-printable surfaces, stickers are basically the ONLY go-to branding option for bottles, candles, soaps and more.

Logo Stickers – Stick your logo anywhere. Best for awareness campaigns, stickers are the perfect guerrilla marketing tactic for brand recognition initiatives. Stick them in public spaces and build awareness fast.

Have a specific use that you’ve used stickers for? Let us know in the comments section!

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