Brochure Marketing: 3 BIGGEST Mistakes

brochure marketing

Brochure marketing biggest mistakes! Avoid these blunders and get business booming again.

Read our FRESH ideas for brochure marketing? Now see our three BIGGEST brochure marketing mistakes we’ve noticed, and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Leave Behind Brochures: To save time and money owners will get one person to blanket an entire region. They will usually do this by leaving stacks of brochures in offices, lobbies, malls, etc.

FIX: Try to interact with prospects. Instead of hiring one person to blanket a region for an entire week; invest that money in a  small street team to distribute them.

Mistake #2 – Sub-par Brochure Design: In an effort to save money, companies will sometimes ask an employee, friend or family member to create a piece.

FIX: Trust people who went to school in design. Save time and money by letting us do the legwork with our talented graphic designers. Click here for quotes.

Mistake – #3 – Skimping on Brochure Quality: With many small business owners, they will look at the bottom line – and with good cause. However, one thing you should not skimp on is quality.

FIX: Before you look at the cost, consider the quality. You should research online, and be sure to ask about paper, gloss, finishing options (embossing, binding, foiling, etc.) and turn around time.

Try these tips and order your next custom print brochures.

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