Club Flyers: 3 Points To A Successful Design

Night Club Flyers

Club flyers have been around for ages. Their distinctive look is quite possibly the single item that defines a life of partying and carefree living. From the suburbs to the city, club flyers are perhaps the single piece of artwork that all clubs – both large and small – utilize in their marketing.

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So what makes the club flyers such a defining piece? More importantly, what unique flyer design elements make it successful? Like most marketing collateral, it comes down to three important elements: design, copy and colors. Read below and see how this important piece of marketing has defined a party lifestyle.

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Design Elements – They’re the eye candy of what you will find in the club – typically music, drinks and fun. Most have one focal point – a very attractive man or a woman centered in the flyer. Behind him or her is a nondescript textured background that could take place anywhere. Coupled with a few softening effects that swoop in around the figure, these elements give a magical feel and sense of motion. Easily accomplished with a pen tool and a soft brush these are the quintessential elements that add to the sense of fun.





club flyers printing nyc 3CopyCopy wise, the flyers are short and to the point. Most with a large catchy headline at the top, the smaller text below will list logistics in a drop shadow or soft glow. The headline is usually topical (i.e., could reference a hit show, a current event, a holiday, etc) which makes it relevant to their target demographic. Followed by that it usually has:

Who – DJ or host of the club. The host of DJ usually has a following of their own. The venue or promoter who partners with them looks to harness that audience and get them through their doors.

What – Purpose of the event. What is the purpose of the event? Some have a theme that can be used such as a performer, band or viewing party.

When/Where – Date, time and location. Usually at the center to the bottom, this is large, vibrant and very prominent.

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Colors – The colors of the club flyer often has a dark background along with bright and attention-grabbing color schemes. Flashy and contrasting palettes are the way to go. As with this flyer, the brighter color can be behind the focal point and from there it radiates out. This draws more attention to the center of the design and gets the viewer’s attention right away. This also causes a vignette effect that grabs attention and creates a focal point.





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