Upgrade To An Interactive Business Card Design

Business Card Design: The Interactive Card

It’s time to upgrade the standard business card. The concept of an interactive business card design might seem a little odd, but there are plenty of ways to print interactive cards.

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The more your recipient interacts with your brand, the better off you are at introducing your services on a personal level. Take a look at these top 5 ways to upgrade your business card design.

1.    Social Media – Include a tagline on your business card. Go beyond the usual “follow us” and try some of these taglines:
– “May I follow you?”
– “Tweet how we met and I’ll DM a 20% discount code.”business card design printing nyc 3 image
– “Like and message us on Facebook for a 20% discount code.”
– “Post your #1 marketing tip on our blog and receive 20% off.”

2.    Coupon Redemption – A great way to get foot traffic through your door is coupon redemption. Have your card be the coupon.
– “Bring this card to receive 20% off your purchase.”
– “20% off for a Trip To Us.”

3.    Trade Cards – Put a call to action and see how many people trade cards.
– “You have mine, do I have yours?”
– “Here’s my card, may I have yours?”
– “Let’s make this two-way street, can I have your card too?”

4.    Humorous Ice Breaker – Print special cards for an event that you can pass out to be conversation starters. Try out these smile crackers.
– “Did you know our company (insert funny fact)” for example: was built on a graveyard plot, or was started with $100, was founded by three college friends over two glasses of wine at a bar? Something to get attention and make the recipient ask a question.
– “73% of consumers actually prefer traditional mail over other advertising methods.” A fact about your industry can show the need for your services.

5.    Graphic – Print a graphic that causes the reader to examine your design.
– Sudoku puzzle
– Word find
– Crossword puzzle

These tips are sure to spark some creative inspiration for your business collateral. So use them on all your business cards, postcards, flyers and brochures. Or use our design services to help on your next project. Use coupon code 30BLOG218 to receive 30% off your order!

Image source: Design Work Life / Image source: Miracle M/behance

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